Our Story

Let your skin scream; ‘I feeel good! ♫♬…’  You deserve to have amazing skin, powered by Mother Nature herself.

It's time to be authentic, confident, feel fabulous, smell effortlessly sexy and comfortable in your own skin. Reveal your innate beauty with our handmade, cruelty free ‘skin treats’ from the Earth to help you rediscover your own skin.

Tapping into the infinite wisdom of ancient African beauty secrets passed on for a thousand years, our exquisite formulations infuse extremely rich African botanicals with potent ‘hero’ ingredients from other exotic regions of the world to give you flawless skin. And it shows:

 “I am very particular about my skin and what I feed it, I’m happy to say Authentic Black Soap by Zawadi ticks all the boxes. It’s non toxic, gentle and kind to my Skin. I look forward to bath time because I feel refreshed and reinvigorated” - @career_invest

“Tikiti Luxe Oil is the plug for oily/combination skin! I’ve been using Tikiti Luxe oil for a few months now and it has really helped my skin stay hydrated. My t-zone no longer feels oily when I wake up and my skin has a noticeable glow too! I’m definitely going to be repurchasing!” - @barbz_o

"I’ve genuinely seen an improvement in my hyperpigmentation since starting this only a few weeks ago, Have started using it on other areas of my body now, Thank you! X” - @baribalms

Beyond Beauty

My experiences as a child growing up in West Africa, where I was bullied and teased right from my first day of school, as a result of my darker skin tone is the bedrock upon which Zawadi Naturals was formed.  Standing up to these 'skin bullies' taught me to embrace my unique skin tone and led to an increase in my confidence and self-worth.  

My Daughter's Eczema

In 2017 when my first daughter was born, she started having frequent eczema breakouts and had super sensitive skin. None of the topical treatments that she was given by the GP worked or had lasting results.  So I started experimenting with various plants and herbs, building on ancient beauty secrets that I learnt from my grandmothers and aunties back home in Africa.

Remarkably, her skin improved dramatically, using these premium plant-powered botanical treasures from MOTHER EARTH.

The Journey

You see, I have also been a farmer for over 12 years and own a 10 hectare vegetable farm in West Africa, so very comfortable around plants and herbs.

I made herbal skincare products for my constant acne breakouts due to stress working in the city, resolved my hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone and also made a lot of skincare products (especially Soap and Body Butters) for my friends and family.  

The results and feedback were astonishing, which led me to taking various natural and organic skincare courses and extensive research using ingredients like Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Kalahari Melon (Watermelon) Seed Oil, Illipe butter, Marula ["Miracle Oil"] and African Red Sandalwood powder amongst others.

These are just a few examples of skin loving ingredients that will work wonders on your skin and resolve a lot of common skin problems.

So fast-forward to right now.

I have decided to spread the message of self-love through Zawadi Naturals, utilizing unique super-nutritious ingredients from the ‘Land of the Sahara’ to achieve beautiful, radiant skin!

My aim is to make you feel empowered, radiate confidence and allow your inner beauty to shine through. What are you dealing with? Hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, dry/itchy skin, oily/acne prone skin, ‘ashy’ skin, soaps that dry out your skin too much, afraid to step out without make-up due to the condition of your skin?

Start your natural skincare journey with our formulations that sweep away dull, dead skin cells and make your beauty radiate from within and out…. Let your skin GLOW Naturally.

Zawadi Naturals

The name was born on a trip with my hubby to the beautiful Island of Zanzibar.  Visiting the exotic spice farms and inhaling the alluring scents of vanilla, lemongrass, cloves, cinnamon, turmeric in the air brought all my experiences together.

Here, I learned that the near-equivalent of my full name – Olubunmi or Bunmi which means 'God's gift' was ‘Zawadi’ which means 'Gift' in Swahili language spoken in many parts of Africa. Bumi also means 'Earth'  in Indonesian.  It all came together and I had an epiphany.



Zawadi Naturals is my gift to women (and men eventually) who love conscious, affordable luxury and desire to achieve pure natural beauty, embrace their uniqueness and eliminate all self-limiting beliefs!  Beautiful skin never goes out of fashion. You deserve to feed your skin only the best, so come along with me on a journey of self-reconnection!

Join the Movement!

Be happy, smell divine and exude confidence with natural plant based skin products and understand that you are beautiful in every single way.

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