Tikiti Luxe Facial Oil - Benefits

  • Lovingly made from 5 natural vegan cold pressed oils to condition, nourish and make your skin glow
  • Helps with wound healing if you have acne spots, skin irritation and pimples
  • Melts easily into the skin, detoxifies and repairs skin without clogging pores
  • Helps improve UV damage and uneven pigmentation
  • Lavender and Neroli essential oils are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and known to promote calmness,wellness and may help relieve stress and anxiety
  • Increases the expression of collagen to keep your skin elastic and reduce fine lines
  • Helps treat oily skin and reduces signs of aging
  • Protects your skin from pollution and the elements
  • This luxurious blend also has astringent properties for tightening and toning skin tissues,giving your face a youthful glow!