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Authentic! African Black Soap

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Zawadi Naturals Authentic! African Black Soap 150grams - Organic Vegan Ingredients, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Suitable for All Skin Types.

Authentic is the real you. YOUnique, stylish, sassy, brilliant, quirky, posh, funny, friendly with a hint of 'crazy'! Be yourself, love yourself, channel your inner awesomeness and embrace your natural beauty.

”Brilliant Soap that makes my skin smooth & glowing”

“ I've genuinely seen an improvement in my hyperpigmentation since starting this only a few weeks ago. Have started using it on other areas of my body now. “

Celebrating the uniqueness of each individual with this improved version of the bestselling African Black Soap. 

Colour - Beige/Brown/Very dark Brown

Our Authentic African Black Soap is a soft soap by design and traditionally made by the hardworking women of Africa using ancient beauty secrets passed on for generations.

This method entails sun-drying, roasting and curing the natural ingredients found in the environment. The bars are then moulded to create this exotic skin-healing soap.


    African Black Soap - Benefits

    • Multi-purpose - Face, Body, Hair Shampoo
    • Targets Acne, Eczema, Bacne, Psoriasis, Hyperpigmentation
    • Exfoliating, Deep Cleansing and suitable for all skin types
    • Safety Assessed & complies with the UK Cosmetic Product Safety Regulations
    • Rich, bubbly lather & made with premium botanical oils
    • Clears minor skin inflammation, soothes irritation and reduces stretch marks
    • Sweeps away dead skin cells
    • Gradually fades dark spots, good for 'bacne' & hyperpigmentation
    • Palm oil free and Vegan
    • Specially Handcrafted and made with Organic unrefined Shea Butter

    African Black Soap - Ingredients

    • Cocoa Pod Husk Ash
    • Unrefined Organic Shea Butter
    • Virgin Fair Trade Coconut Oil
    • Sweet Almond Oil
    • Water
    • Love

      African Black Soap - Directions For Use

      • Use with water to create a luxurious lather and apply generously to face, body or hair.
      • Rinse off.
      • As this is an exfoliating soap, it can feel drying after use, so for a complete skincare routine follow with Tikiti Luxe Facial Oil and one of our rich moisturizing Body Butters on your body.

          Customer Reviews

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          Zawadi Naturals - fantastic

          I have been using the African black soap, Probiotic Eye Cream and Pineapple facial scrub for nearly a year. I met this lovely lady at John Lewis (Westfield - Shepherds Bush) in September 2022. It have deliberately taken this long to write a review because I really wanted to see how these products would work for me. My skin was not at its best and to be fair had not been for sometime due to spots due to removal of facial hair...
          When I approached the Zawadi Natural stand in John Lewis I was a sceptical about the product being presented to me. I have to say 'IT REALLY WORKS'. At the time I explained to the lady the issues I was experiencing and discussed the product that I was using. The lovely lady listened to my skin routine and told me to continue with my skin care product that I was using but advised me how to incorporate Zawadi Naturals as part of my daily/weekly routine. My blemishes and uneven skin tone has significantly improved to a point that I no longer find the need to be heavy handed with my makeup concealer/foundation. My daughter and others have comment on the improvement of my skin. I would highly recommend Zawadi Natural products it really does what it's says.
          I would like to say thank you to the lovely lady I met at John Lewis (Westfield- Shepherds Bush - September 2022)
          Bless you x

          Chukwudumebi Nsoedo
          Gorgeous Product

          The soap leaves my face feeling very clean. I have recommended it to family members that are using and love it just as much. Thank you.

          sheila anderso
          Black soap and facial oils

          I wrote a review on not getting instructions, I'm really pleased by the quick response and the instructions. The black soap is amazing. I have oily skin and it's helping a lot. After using the products for over 2 weeks, I'm satisfied. It's amazing to get products targeting skin of colour,there aren't many, so thank you so much.

          Lovely Soap

          I really like that this is an all-natural soap that generates rich lather. Leaves my skin feeling very clean.

          Lisa Claringbull

          This soap is lovely totally recommend. Prompt and efficient service.

          Customer Reviews

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