By Alvesgaspar - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Other Names: Pelargonium Graveolens

Origin: Egypt

Fun Fact:  It is one of a handful of essential oils known as a ‘girl’s best friend’ because of its beneficial and soothing effects on menstrual cramps and alleviating symptoms that come with ‘that time of the month’.  It is also known to have calming effects on the whirlwind of emotions that come with hormonal changes in women.

Uses: Skin, Massage, Soap, Moisturizers, Hair, Aromatherapy

Benefits of Egyptian Geranium 

  1. Excellent for both Dry and Oily skin because it regulates sebum production
  2. Balances and enhances complexion to promote radiance
  3. Hydrates Dry Skin and helps resolve blemishes and the appearance of wrinkles
  4. Helps renew and rejuvenate your skin, mind and body
  5. Uplifting scent that helps ease day to day stress

How can this ingredient help my SKIN or HAIR goals?

Egyptian Geranium is extracted from the leaves and stems of the plant through steam distillation. It has been used right from Ancient Egyptian times to beautify skin and promote the appearance of healthier looking hair. You can incorporate this luxurious oil by adding a few drops into your favorite carrier oil. To make your very own DIY Bath or Body Oil you can follow these steps:


  1. Measure out 100ml of Sweet Almond Oil
  2. Add 5 drops of Egyptian Geranium Essential oil
  3. Mix thoroughly with a stainless steel spoon
  4. Pour into a glass bottle
  5. Massage into your skin and leave on for 10 minutes before stepping into a bath

Where to Buy Egyptian Geranium:

Egyptian Geranium essential oil is available from various reputable sources:

  • Essential Oil Retailers (Amazon, Esty)
  • Natural and Organic Beauty Stores.
  • Wellness and Health Stores